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Git Adventures - Part 1

  • How to fork a GitHub project
  • Cloning a forked repository and its branches
  • Updating a forked repository

Scenario 1: I want to fork a project on GitHub to work on a feature in my local repository.

    Go to the prject page on GitHub, https://github.com/PROJECT_AUTHOR/PROJECT.git
    Click the "Fork" button
    The project will be added to your list of repositories

Scenario 2: The Github repository has a branch called “bananas”. I want to copy that branch in my local repository.

    git fetch origin
    git checkout --track origin/bananas

Scenario 3: A day later, another branch called “cool-beans” was added to the original project. I want to add that branch in my local repository as well.

    git remote add upstream https://github.com/PROJECT_AUTHOR/PROJECT.git
    git fetch upstream
    git checkout --track upstream/cool-beans

References: GitHub article and StackOverflow discussions here and here